Arun Mehta

Arun, Katy, Patricia and guest Jambareeqi talk about the One Love Manchester event, the return of Animaniacs, Donald Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Disney CEO quits Trump’s Advisory Council, Nickelodeon water park plans to be pushed through in the Philippines, The Loud House hits Number 1, and DC Super Hero Girls set for Cartoon Network.


Animaniacs 8-bit Remix by pgj1997 (


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Arun, Ajia and Patricia talk about Anti-net neutrality spammers impersonating real people, Dwayne Johnson considering a run for president, What is in Labour’s leaked draft manifesto, a bizarre and offensive quote about rape, Muslims, and Planned Parenthood attributed to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts appears to be entirely fabricated, students left a pineapple in the middle of an exhibition and people mistook it for art, Nickelodeon’s The Loud House Headed to DVD, Walt Disney profits were boosted by Beauty and the Beast and Nintendo details E3 2017 plans.

Arun talks about the French and UK Election results, Buzzfeed, Jeremy Corbyn, the end of the US Affordable Care Act, the Nintendo-Playstation prototype working, and another Spongebob Squarepants film.