Arun, Ajia, Katy and Patricia talk about Shapchat, more Donald Trump related chaos, the rumoured Nintendo Switch online service price and Pixar’s new short to accompany Cars 3. PLUS, Arun and Josh talk about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie.

Arun, Josh, Katy and Patricia talk about Donald Trump’s first week as President of the United States, John Hurt passing away, Mark Zuckerburg dropping a lawsuit in Hawaii, Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console, John Cena hosting the Nickelo…

Arun, Ajia, Josh and Patricia discuss 7 kids’ TV show fan theories that will totally ruin your childhood, Wayne’s World Returning to Cinemas for the 25th Anniversary, Nintendo signaling the end for the WiiU (when did it begin!?), Philippines Governemnt Rejecting Nickelodeon’s Underwater Theme Park, the ‘Regular Show’ Finale, Pixar Easter Eggs and Google Favouring Its Own Search Ads.

Arun and Harry talk about the EU referendum announcement, James Bond having a male sexual interest, and YouTube not enforcing their Fair Use policy.