In this episode, Arun, Ajia, Harry and Josh speak to Austism and Anti-Bullying campaigner Richie Jewell, Arun interviews the voice of Gerald in Hey Arnold! Jamil Walker Smith, talk about Nintendo’s late entry into mobile games, rant about New Hampshire…

In this episode, Arun, Harry and Josh discussed the new Frozen sequel, the new Adventure Time Movie, Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from BBC Top Gear, boobs in Nickelodeon, having sex with your iPad with a Fleshlight accessory, and no moti…

In this episode, Arun and Josh’s ears bleed thanks to the Egyptian Military Orchestra, get bewildered at how a groom can forget a bride’s name, and cut off when trying to discuss why Ghandi like Nuclear Weapons in the Civilisation game series.


NOTE: Due to technical problems, we can only bring you two thirds of this show. Apologies!

Arun, Cat and Harry give a legal analysis of the Red Ranger being arrested for murder, review the Jimmy Fallon Saved By The Bell sketch, speak of the horrors of marrying a 9 year old in Unislamic Hate, celebrate that a Spanish video game site asks for Hey Arnold! to return, asks why 50 Shades of Grey should be boycotted, and Arun hopes to read out a reasonable Top 25 list!


Also watch Harry’s short film “X’s” here:

Arun, Ajia, Brittany and Josh are baffled by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, chat about Hey Arnold! news, assess the latest addition to the Disney Princesses, and debate the Huffington Post’s Top 25 Cartoons Adults…

Arun Mehta and Josh Dushack discuss the UK Leader’s Debates, the Top 10 Most F’d Up Hey Arnold! episodes and Arun’s supposed hatred for a certain yellow sponge.

Plus, Arun interviews Conservative Party PPC Rob Manning, and reports from this years AutismCon hosted by the National Autistic Society.