Arun and Harry recap the Conservative Conference / TUC Demonstration, watch Britain First’s BBC Documentary Prompt the Group Into Panic, wonder if Chris Evans will go it alone on Top Gear, and relive Nickelodeon 90s Nostalgia on The Splat.

Topics include:

‘Rugrats’ Revival? Nickelodeon Mulls Return of Classic Shows

Nickelodeon is talking about an “Avengers-style” NICKTOONS movie

Swap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 Refugees

‘Holdout’ Kentucky county issues gay marriage licences

McDonald’s Canada says ‘no all-day breakfast for you!’

Arun and Harry talk about the Virginia shooting, Jared Fogle’s child prostitution allegations, Donald Trump looking like Biff from Back to the Future II, Buzz Aldrin’s ‘master plan’ for Mars, and 17 Awesome Animated Female Characters Who Aren’t Disney …

Arun and Harry discuss the brutality of the Bedroom Tax, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader, US Heroes who stopped a gunman, the Ashley Madison hack, John Oliver going after prosperity preachers, Disney’s Moana announcement, Frozen 2 changes and Star Fox …