Statement on the Hey Arnold! Fan Day

Hello Everyone,

It’s come to my attention that some of the content in the last episode of The Arun Mehta Show may have been misleading, and some of you have contacted me in regards to these errors.

I have been contacted by Katerine Howard Rose (the person involved with sending and partly financing the petition) and has informed me about the following:

Kyle Vance was a mod in the TJM group who welcomed new members, and watched the group to help catch rule-breakers. He was not directly involved with the petition.

The people who were directly involved with the petition were Mia, Katerine Howard Rose ,Rebeccas Progress, Widowmura, Patsuko, David Cakes, JiffyFrose and metalheadrailfan. They were the ones who spent hours organizing all the signatures for the US and international, then created charts to display the signature demographics, then crafted a cover letter for the petition, and selected fanart to accompany the petition. Katerine and Mia printed out and shipped the petition in Chicago. Panfla, SuprSingr, Limey, and Criminyy also helped a lot with creating content for the fandom, collecting signatures for the petition, and just being contributors in general.

There are so many amazing people who helped with the petition and other TJM projects.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope all you Hey Arnold! Fans are looking forward the TJM.

Kindest regards,


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